A call to pastors to address abortion from the pulpit. We cannot just think as a pro-lifer, we must act like one. 

A conversation with Lecrae, John Piper, and John Ensor on the story behind Good, Bad, Ugly, the remorse of abortion, and the healing of the gospel of Christ. 

What do you think children would say when asked about the reality of abortion? We asked, they responded.

John Ensor asks Francis Chan and John Piper about living out the biblical admonitions to "expose" evil, "speak up" for the voiceless and "rescue" those being unjustly killed. They view the painfully graphic depictions of abortion and talk about a gospel-driven stand for life. WARNING: Graphic Images.

Some Christians are engaged in the battle, most are not. Life Is Best will thoroughly equip and inspire you to join the fight for lives and souls.

Scott Klusendorf shows the This Is Abortion video clip as part of his presentation at a Christian high school.

Video that can be used in a sermon to show the images of abortion. * *Video used with permission by Abort73.com.